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Your local The Ridge is: Swindon, Shaw Leisure Park, SN5 7DN.

The Events

The Ridge Car Boot!

Sunday 9th July, 10 - 2 (vendors from 8 AM)

Vendors from 8 AM - £10 per car & £12 van (own tables required)

Buyers from 10 AM - Free entry

Everyone loves a bargain, and we all know each of us has a secret cupboard or not-so-secret room where we store those things we don't want but haven't got around to getting rid of. Come along and sell your pre-loved items or browse around and grab a bargain! Booking link - The Ridge Car Boot at The Ridge (Swindon), Swindon on 9th Jul | Fatsoma

The Ridge Car Boot at The Ridge (Swindon)

July Live Music!

We have got some great live music events this July!

    • Suitable for the whole family
    • Everyone is welcome, we love your furry friends!
    • Delicious cocktails available
    • Great food available
    • Good vibes

FREE event

For reservations, please email, [email protected]

Sapphire Nights, July Live Music!